Markus Baue 2:03pm Jan 6
It was my great pleasure to have spent the last week at Dianne’s working farm in Rosebank NSW AUS. It was this Paul Lowe enthusiast’s dream community experience. Having had attended Kira Kay’s satori experience earlier in December I was ripe for spending a week of immersion with Dianne and several other dedicated awake-ness seekers.I feel so grateful, so very grateful. I’m not sure why I left the farm other than to following my previous travel bookings as I was so happy there. Always something to do, to learn to experience. We had two sharing groups the short time I was there… and Dianne gifted me a private satori awakening experience one morning that I am still integrating.I felt so much kindness from the members of the community, along with that there was also the challenge to keep looking to let go of the mind in a supportive environment. This is all similar to what I’ve heard Paul talk about staying awake in a community setting. I felt like I’d come across a spiritual gold mine.I know I will go back again for a longer period of time… Do more gardening, help the selling at the markets together, make macadamia nut milk and many other raw organic products to support this community and its loving focus. I invite all of you to consider writing Dianne and see if visiting or joining this small community might be right for you.