Creation of community

The common unity that we share has evolved over the last 3 1/2 years. From a few ,4, to 8 or 10. It is a continuous change that has become a place, or sanctuary for beings who are ready to change or experience something new in their lives.

We endeavour to allow a space for you to explore who you are, who you are not and to integrate being with what is rather than the continuous push into the future of what YOU want.

Guidance is there each Monday evenings after dinner. The sharings are a place to speak what arises from a deep place within, a vulnerable place that often is not allowed or most are too frightened to share out there in the world, due to judgement, being Wrong,  not getting it Right, Should be different, Should not be that way, etc.

We allow you to drop into who you really are, as we are all the same on all levels and your sharing enables us to see ourselves as well. So you are a gift.

Responsiblity is taken by each individual for his or her, Stuff, which is anything that arises in you is you, it is not caused by an external being, environment or situation. you choose to react to verbalise, to respond in a  way that often is automatic. We all assist in helping each other to see ourselves  and one another and the world we live in.

Life is gentle,loving and caring.

You are to be selfish in your journey within and selfless in your giving to the community and others.

Today is a place for shifting, for stopping what has been old, to stop that which is programmed to stop the way of the past and to allow a new way to be with ourselves each other and the world.